My 20 Name

Posted: 28 August 2012 in Uncategorized

Hanipool Zirbad Lazuardi

1.japanese : 松尾 Matsuo 三千代 Michiyo (tail of a pine tree and three thousand generations)
2.mafia name : Camilla Siciliano
3.doll and party name : Kamenashi Kazuya
4.harry potter name : Minerva Snow Leopard
5.korean : jung hajae (Min Chan)
6.gangster : Masta’ Gangsta’ The G-Unit
7Apocalypse Name : Arabantha Greogian
8.british name : Margaret Wilson
9.fairy name : Marigold Singing

10.angel name : Nepzehsamiel
11.hacker name : ultimate sniper
12.evil name : benito satan
13.cheerleaders name : Melissa Romano – new cheer captain
14.pimp name : Pimpshizzle Beeyotch Slappah
15.K-Pop name : White Chocolate
16.gundam name : Midnight Blaze
17.rollefirl name : voluptuous kerplunk
18.ELF name : maethor
19.manga name : Hidaka Tateishi
20.rock-star name : Sista N-Trance~ banyak yahh? ada yg anehh lagi.,hhaha. I only follow what is and what has been determined. . . 😀

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